PPC Landing Pace Concept

What are landing pages used for? PPC landing page concept

Landing pages are one of the most basic tools used for the proper presentation of someone’s services, ideas, products, or anything that business has got to offer. Most often landing pages are the means of encouraging a person to either use the services found on a landing page or to make a payment. A good example can be a PPC Landing Page, which is a classic landing page but optimized for Pay Per Click advertisements, hence the name.

This article will introduce you with the concept of landing page. It will show you the basics regarding the key characteristics of landing pages and what are the types of landing page. What is more, we will talk briefly regarding templates and how does typical landing page look like, why businesses need them, and how to prepare landing page for effective work!

What is landing page?

Before we delve into the details of these pages, it is essential to understand some crucial facts concerning landing page. As it was mentioned earlier on, landing page is a standalone website that has one particular goal to achieve – to interest the visitor with the content. Of course there are many different purposes landing page can serve, and that is why we can distinguish several subcategories. One of them is PPC Landing Page, which is basically a place, where visitors are redirected after clicking one of the Pay Per Cost advertisements, banners, or any other commercial.
One of the major differences between typical landing page and PPC Landing Page is the fact that landing pages designed for PPC focus on one particular theme and does not offer anything but the major goal of the entire campaign. In there, we can also notice the use of something which is known as Call To Action (CTA). If we are dealing with well prosperous landing page for PPC, then we can notice simplicity connected with relevance. It is imperative for such website to avoid any potential distractions. By that we mean elements that could divert attention from the completion of the goal of the page.

How does typical landing page look like?

Usually each and every landing page for ads campaign looks the same. It means that they are straightforward, aesthetic, plain, and simple. Conversion of the page is one of the most important factors that indicate whether the look of the page “works”. Simple visuals and graphics element that correspond to the theme are half of the success.
Besides the aspect of the appearance, we should also take a look at the content and layout of the landing page. While preparing content for such page, we should bear in mind that we design it for an everyday Joe type of visitors. It means that it has to be simple and precise, clear and composed in such way that they are adjusted for the real needs of your visitors.

How do businesses use landing pages?

A lot of companies make use of landing pages rather than expensive and very advanced company websites. It is due to the fact that landing page for ads campaign can offer much more effective business contact acquisition. In other words, landing page is capable of providing our company with more leads. Not many people realize but this is all due to the several simple facts: the attention of the page visitor, the lack of distractive elements, simple and user-friendly surveys and inquiries. Let us delve on this subject a little more.

When we enter landing page for ads campaign, we can notice the same mechanics. The producers of typical landing pages or PPC landing pages apply the same solutions, which, as you can guess, offer much more emphasis on the goal of the campaign. As a result, the attention of the customer is always at the main reason why he visited the page. Besides that, we should also point out that the lack of additional elements, buttons, visual effects and other things of this sort help us to receive much better conversion. This is of utmost importance while talking about marketing actions. We shouldn’t forget about the possibility to conduct simple tests and other inquiries, which can appear on the page without the need of hiring professional programmers!

How do Landing pages work?

Typically, landing pages has one particular goal to achieve, to share the idea that has monetary value with others. From the page owner’s point of view, we basically exchange information or product, or anything that the company has got to offer for valuable information that visitor provides while filling forms, registering, or simply visiting the page. When we take different point of view, namely the point of view of the visitor, then we can see that filling out the forms and completing tasks prepared by the service owners is just a mean of receiving the content, which has got some value for the visitor. In that way, both sides receive something they are interested in – landing page owners receive information and, hence, money, whereas visitors receive what they came for. Of course in order to depict the situation more clearly, we prepared for you a simple step by step guide of how exactly landing pages work.

1. Call-to-call action
At the beginning the person sees a call-to-call action, which is a kind of advertisement, button, or anything that can redirect him or her onto the landing page.
2. The form
Once a person finds a way onto landing page, he or she becomes a visitor. Now, it is imperative for a visitor to fill a form.
3. Database storing
Visitor that filled out a form is now a lead and information about his or her likes are stored on your servers.
4. Win-win situation

Lead receives an information, service, or product he or she came to get and we, the page owners, receive information that we can later on use for marketing purposes.
Besides already mentioned functions of each and every landing page, it is also worth to note that there are other means of using these websites. For example, landing pages can have quite different goal, where the customer is to make a call. Such pages are known as Click to Call Landing Page. In such sites, the visitors find the phone number. As a result, the goal of the page is to make the customer to call.

Of course we can also find “Click-Through” types of landing pages. A great example of such LP is a page of the product that belongs to one particular shop. These pages do not offer a form since these are a type of middleman websites that connect advertisements, ecommerce shopping cart, and of course the customer. Their primary goal is to encourage all the visitors and to show him the true value of the product they are about to delve further in a moment.

What are the differences between particular templates?

There are several different templates one can use for advertising purposes. As you know, we can distinguish Lead Capture, Infomercial, or Click-Through type of landing pages. Although the primary goal of each and every landing page is the same, there are still different approaches one can apply in order to grab visitors’ and potential customers’ attention. This is why it is imperative to know the differences between these templates, so you can make a decision that is well thought out.

So, how can we distinguish Lead Capture, Infomercial or Click-Through landing pages? Here are several major elements that influence the appearance of the page, its functionality, as well as its theme.
Contrary to appearances, it is not Lead Capture that is the most popular type of template you can find. A lot of companies decide to use Click-Through type of template because it provides customers with the so-called call-to-action button. This button simply allows users to learn more about the services or the product the company is offering and then, redirecting the visitor onto the sales page. Typically, the layout of such template is classic and does not offer any extraordinary elements simply because the clearer and easier to navigate page, the better conversion it has.
Lead Capture are rather common and standard types of landing pages, because they focus on the forms that we discussed earlier on. There, customers simply enter their data into forms. Later on the owners use this data for their own purposes. Companies make use of these templates and these types of landing pages because they are planning to prepare interesting offers for these clients in the future. Thanks to huge base of emails as well as other contact data, it is possible to begin Internet marketing on much larger scale.

Infomercial are simply sales pages that introduces the visitor with a product, its most important features, benefits, and other elements that are quite often used to improve the lead conversion and sales. That is why after headlines and appealing content, we will find a set of pictures, a video with samples and instructions of how to use, and even assurances about money refunds if something goes wrong. Besides that, there are also comments and opinions, mostly sponsored comments.

There is yet another type of template that is worth considering why choosing the right landing page. It is a novelty that appeared not that long ago. Price Calculator is a service, where users can calculate how much the product or the service offered by the company will cost. Once visitors do that, it is possible to receive a summary with all the calculations in the form of email.

Creating a landing page for ppc – what do you need to know?

There are a few things that will influence the prosperity of your landing page. Most of you heard about good loading speed of your page (how fast all the templates load), accuracy of keywords and key phrases towards the content of landing page and advertisements. However, we should also bear in mind that increased relevance scorewillresult in lower cost per click. What is more, better responsiveness, clear and transparent message, and simple design are also quite important features.

Loading speed of your landing page

This particular element is of utmost importance when it comes to creating a good landing page for ppc. Just imagine being a visitor who wishes to enter a page that contains some valuable information, service, or a product we are interested in getting. The longer page loads, the less interested in content we get. This is why we should make sure that all the templates and all the scripts we apply at our landing page load quickly – approximately 1-2 seconds.

Better landing page content

If we focus on providing customers with much more accurate content and great choice of keywords that will correspond to advertisements, then we can hope for much better relevance score. If we take care of great content and great keywords as well as key phrases and long tails, then we will improve conversion of our page quite significantly.

Compatibility and optimization

One thing is making sure that our page is quick and responsive. However, the other thing is making sure that users can visit our website from different devices. More and more visitors decide to browse the Internet via their mobile phones. That is why it is imperative to make sure that our landing page is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Summary and conclusion

That is all we prepared for you this time. We hope you know how landing pages work and why they are so essential when it comes to improving the effectiveness of ads campaigns and conversion. There are still a lot of things to know about landing page for ads campaign or PPC landing page, but these are the basics that will certainly help you understand how everything works and what to do in order to improve your business.