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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Before you contact us, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following list of frequently asked questions. In this way you will learn a lot about landing page templates and landing pages in general. What is more, these FAQs will offer you answers that are precise and full of descriptive information

What is the main purpose of a landing page?

We can answer this question is a very short, quick way. The main purpose of a landing page is simply a conversion. To put it in more precise way, we create landing pages in order to change visitors, who browse through our content, into leads.
Leads are basically people interested in using our services. These are the people, who decided to apply a Call To Action, a feature that is the base for every landing page there is.

The main purpose of landing page is to make sure that your content is understood in a proper way and that we share all the necessary information with our potential customers. That is why it has to follow strict criteria in order to grab the attention of others. What is more, we should also convince them to our services and make sure that they use it.

What is a lead generation landing page?

There are two most important types of landing pages. The first one is a click-through landing page, which can be simply described as a page that warms the visitors up. The second one is a lead generation landing page. In here, we have much more than just a set of information. Lead generation landing page works as a data collector and a place we can use to further expand our business by creating an individual business partners as well as contacts.

It means that as a main goal, lead generation landing page will put emphasis on making the interaction between the visitor and the service owner. It can be done via collecting basic information such as first and last names, email address, and of course phone number.

What makes a good landing page?

In order to create a good landing page, we should follow several criteria. A very helpful set of rules can be found in the so-called CCD. It is a concept known as Conversion Centered Design. According to this idea, we focus on applying such bits to our template that will improve our conversion rate and make more leads than ever. In other words, a good landing page follows CCD rules, which basically means that we create a clear and transparent LP that will provide necessary information to our customers and convince them to use your services or your product.

Conversion Centered Design can be divided onto five chunks. The first part is Unique Selling Proposition. USP can be further divided onto The Main Headline, The Supporting Headline, The Reinforcement Statement, and Closing Argument. The second part is Hero Shot. Later on, we have Benefits. After features and benefits, a good landing page should offer Testimonial, a Proof. The last but certainly not least part of every single landing page is Call to Action.

What is a click through landing page?

Click-through landing page is a type of landing page that does not contain a form. It means that these LPs focus on “warming up” our visitors and to make them more interested in services or products you have got to offer. In most cases click-through landing pages work as a middleman between an advertisement and the shopping cart or, in case of companies that offer services of different sort, between the ad and the contact form.

Click-Through Page needs to intrigue people with a catchy headline and then keep their eyes throughout the entire page as they are browsing. In this type of LP you should always try to get to the point as quick as possible. It means that you shouldn’t add any long introductions or videos that start too long.

What is a click to call landing page?

While choosing the right type of landing page, we should always take into account the visitors and their habits. For example – do people look for a fix to their problem in a hurry? Do they use phones and need simple and problem-free access to your company? Or perhaps they use computers and they prefer more stable and, let’s say, less invasive form of communication? Click to call landing page is one of the best types of LPs you can choose if you know that people will require a quick and problem free solution to their problem.

Giving the possibility to contact with a company via phone is a great move in many situations. It gives the customers a feeling that they are truly a person in need of service, not just a lead that will later on make profits. Of course we should bear in mind that click to call landing pages can also offer contact form buttons, and therefore be adapted for different requirements and expectations.

What is a lead capture landing page?

Lead capture landing page is a special type of LP that focuses on gathering as many leads as it is possible. These leads take the form of private information of customers. As we gather these data, at the same time we gather the list of all possible leads that we can later on use during our marketing actions.

Lead capture landing page differs from other types of LP because in this case, the page itself offers something interesting to the user. This is how we can ask for personal data of the customers and, since they are interested in getting services, we will receive the data from them. A lot of people claim that this is a system of rewarding customers for becoming our leads. Bear in mind that while creating lead capture landing page, the information we are asking a potential lead needs to be connected with the “reward” that we offer.

Do I need a website or just a landing page?

A lot of people ask this question. The short answer is no – you do not need a website if you have a landing page. However, it is worth to note that not everyone can afford managing a landing page without a website. While creating landing page and normal websites we need to have several things in mind. Firstly, landing pages cannot contain many different objectives. One landing page focuses on convincing visitors to one particular service or a type of product. It means that if your offer is much more complex, you will either create poor quality landing page or you won’t be able to promote all the services/products you have got to offer. In such cases, websites would be crucial.

If however, your offer is not expansive and promoting one particular objective is enough, then you will be more than fine with just a landing page. Just bear in mind that it has to meet all your needs. Only then landing page can be a permanent solution. If; however, you think of expanding your business, then a landing page can be a great initial step.

Where does a landing page go?

The place, where landing page directs us, depends on the type of landing page we choose. As a result, we can distinguish several locations to which LP can go. The first one is when we make use of click-through landing page. Such LP will simply offer us a glimpse of information, and once the attention of the visitor is grabbed, it will redirect to another page, with more precise information and other interactions.

Landing pages can also redirect us to forms or contact tabs. The purpose of every single landing page depends entirely on our idea. If say, we wish to make use of LP in order to enhance our sales, then instead of putting our home page on the advertisements, we should place a landing page there. As a result, the visitors will learn the most crucial information in a very easy and transparent way, and then they will apply CTA.

What is a landing page lead generation campaign?

Quite often it happens that companies wish to improve traffic on their landing pages and, as a result of that, improve the conversion ratio, making more leads. It simply corresponds to more customers and more sales. Lead generation campaign for landing pages are strictly connected with our own page. You see, these are campaigns that we can apply via such services as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

The lead generation campaign consists of several steps. First of all, we should set the goal of our campaign. We should do that by specifying who our audience is, how to reach them, what content we should provide them, which marketing methods we should apply to “capture” them, and so on. Once we prepare the entire list of things we should do, now it is time to determine our media outlet and begin the campaign.

What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

There are several crucial differences one can notice in the way landing page and website function. However, the most important difference is simply the purpose of these pages. Landing page has got one goal to accomplish. It is strictly limited to a particular group of recipients who are looking for a specific service or for a specific product. Websites, on the other hand, offer much more actions, since they are more universal. As a result of that, its conversion is smaller, and therefore the leads count is less appealing.

We should also remember that landing pages serve as a bridge between a visitor and a website. We use it in order to present specific products or services the user may be interested with. In that way we familiarize them with our offer and make sure that they know the reason they entered our page, clicked the contact form, saved our phone number, or completed any other action.

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