Computer repair landing page – how to prepare the right LP for IT services?

Expanding your business is crucial for everyone. What is more, getting more customers via different media should be as effective as possible. That is why a lot of companies decide to hire specialists that take care of PR as well as general look of the company locally or in the world. However, what can we do, besides spending money on specialists, in order to boost up your business? One of the simplest, yet not properly managed things is simply getting the right landing page.
We would like to discuss the most important things when it comes to making sureyour computer repair landing page will not only offer beauty, but it will also offer clarity and enhance interest with your services. Read more →

In order to do that, we explained the most important elements responsible for providing the right landing page. It includes such important elements as the appropriate computer repair landing page design, transparency, as well as the right message.

Computer repair service landing page – let us start from the layout

Landing Pages are probably one of the best ways to improve your popularity and if we are dealing with computer repairs, this is at the same time the simplest thing we can do to present our services, offer pricing, and give people that are interested with our computer repairs a way to contact us. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that in order for computer repair website to be efficient, it has to include several essential elements. Once we make sure that they are built into the design of the landing page, we will notice much better traffic and, what is even more important, much better conversion.

This is the reason why each and every single computer repair service web page, and any other LP to be honest, should offer us five key chunks, and these are the following: USP, Hero Shot, Benefits, Proof, CTA.

  • USP

Unique Selling Proposition is also known as Unique Value Proposition. When creating our own landing page for computer repair services, we should think of all the particular services that our company will provide. Are we going to offer computer formatting? Will there be an emphasis on a repair of software-based problems or perhaps the change of hardware as well as upgrades of any sort? Before we create the computer repair site design, we should think of any and all things that we will offer, choose the most important, the most often looked for, and then begin planning.

Unique Selling Proposition is the collection of all information that our landing page will offer. However, we should bear in mind that these information had to be properly distributed in order to catch the eye of the visitor and, of course, make him think about all the offers our computer repair company can provide. That is why we divide USP chunk onto four bits.

The first bit is The Main Headline. Imagine you are trying to present your computer repairs in one, very short, catchy and all-informing phrase. This is what The Main Headline is all about. We do not describe everything we do here – we simply give visitors the indication that this is the place, where they can fix their computer, laptop, or any other device. The second bit is The Supporting Headline. This one offers us smaller font and, as a result ofthat, more space, which we can use to give a more detailed information about our services. To put it simply, this is the place, where we can offer visitors a description of The Main Headline.

Once we take care of these headlines and we move on with the page, we should remember about The Reinforcement Statement. It is simply a minor headline that reminds us about all the things that our computer service offers. This is very important bit because as a result of The Reinforcement Statement, we let the visitors know that this is the right place for them to be and to browse further, for the upcoming CTA fragment. That last is Closing Argument. For our IT business, this will be like the last chance for us to convince visitors to use our services (this is also the place where CTA steps in).

  • Hero Shot

Depending on the type of business you offer, a Hero Shot is a visualization of your services. In the case of computer engineering, it would probably be a picture that shows your computer fixing in relation to hardware or software chunks. That is why during creating the appropriate Computer Repair LP, we should also think of a way to visualize our business. You see, a lot of people forget but when human beings see something – they immediatelylearn much more than they could learn from text itself. It means that the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” gain on significance.

While creating Hero Shot for our IT services, bear in mind that our primary goal is to use this visualization to describe our computer repair services the best we can. That is why we cannot randomly choose any IT picture and insert it onto our landing page. If we look for a ready-made media, we should make sure that it backs up the content that we offer. It shouldn’t be a picture that is not related to our company.

Although using a ready-made pictures may work, it is much better to prepare an authentic picture or a photo prepared by a professional photographer that will illustrate the way IT services in your company really look like. In this way you Landing Page will gain on authenticity and give you much more unique approach and, as a result of that, trust among the visitors.

  • Benefits

Yet another element that is crucial for properly designed computer repair LP is the list of all features you have got to offer. What is the point of creating an informational website if you don’t point out what type of things you can do? If you are offering a comprehensive computer fixing services and you are capable of doing much more than just swapping a graphics card for newer model, then you better list this all out! In that way you can show everyone what your company is capable of.

Besides listing everything, we should also remember about doing it in the right way. You see, the main point is to understand the struggle others have with their computer. Once we feel them and understand their experience, we will be able to establish the right connection with them. This is how your list of services should look like.

  • Proof

Proof is a section, where we provide visitors of our page with a testimonial. It can be in the form of comments, in the form of videos, or even in the form of reviews. In that way people can share their opinion about your services and tell others what kind of problem with computer they were facing and how you helped them.

Showing others a proof is very simple, yet very effective way of convincing others to our rights. Of course we should make sure that these opinions are authentic and that there is a person behind a comment that can back this up. In this way we will gain on popularity and of course on authenticity.

  • Call to Action

The key element of every landing page. CTA can vary in how it looks and how it operates. It all depends on the type of services that we offer. It is worth to note that in some cases Call to Action is simply a “contact” button that will give you visitors the contact number. In other cases it can be a contact form, where you can insert all the necessary information and then wait for the feedback. In case of computer repair web page, Call to Action will most likely focus on a contact form, where we can describe the problem we are dealing with.

Of course bear in mind that there are many variations in terms of the look of CTA section. Some websites decide to introduce pricing right there. In this way people will more or less get familiarized with the costs of possible repairs, upgrades, or swaps.

Summary and conclusion

These are merely basics when it comes to creating the appropriate computer repair website. In that way you can increase your revenue and make sure that you always have something to work with. Bear in mind that in order to hit all the customers, you cannot forget about transparency and simplicity. This is of utmost importance when it comes to creating the right landing page. Of course clarity concerns not only the layout and the general design of computer repair LP, but also the content we can find there as well.

Once you make sure you offer the right message for your visitors, they will definitely contact you because the amount of encouragement you applied on your LP will simply convince them that you and your company are the right choice. Of course before you start creating your own design, look for some ready-made computer repair landing page templates. Thanks to that you will know how exactly everything should look like.