Locksmith landing page – a great offer to enhance your locksmith services

Every service needs great advertising campaign. It is necessary in order to find new customers, familiarize them with your offer, and then give them pricing and all other elements essential for making a decision. This time we prepared a great proposition for all the people, who are struggling with applying appropriate promotion in the area of expertise of locksmith.

Locksmith services landing page is of particular necessity because it not only improves conversion of the payable advertisements. It also lets you collect data of potential clients, it improves the loading speed of your website, and of course it gives you specified message that will satisfy everyone. Besides that, we will also have the chance to make use of remarketing. So how to create an appropriate Locksmith landing page? How does the template really look like?

Things we need to pay attention to while creating locksmith landing page

The main goal while creating the right landing page is to simply apply Conversion-Centered Design. It is an idea, where we focus on creating a content that will put emphasis on one particular purpose. We have a specific goal and we wish to get it as soon as possible. Appropriately designed landing pages based on that concept has got one goal – to convince a visitor of the page to do the only thing that matters – make use of presented services. It means that we are focusing on preparing a design that will take care of single business and that is all CCD really do.
If you decide to choose a Conversion-Centered Design, then each and every element you build into the landing page will push visitors towards completing one particular action. Thanks to right content of the page, images, layout, and visuals in general, you will direct potential customers and persuade them to take the action, which in case of locksmith services is to call us and set up a meeting. What is more, the design of the page will indicate that contrary to what others may think, it is not as difficult as others say or claim to be. Read more →

There are several things we should pay attention to while creating an appealing landing page for our locksmith services. Here are five:

1. Proposition of unique value

Unique value proposition is also known as Unique Selling Proposition (quite often abbreviated to USP). It is basically a collection of information and characteristics of our services and values it grants that we wish to transfer to users via our content. We can distinguish four aspects of which USP is based on. These are The Main Headline, The Supporting Headline, The Reinforcement Statement, The Closing Argument.

The first one is the main headline, which basically is the title that tells visitors about our locksmith services. This is of utmost importance because the main headline is the first thing people will see. After that, we get the supporting headline. This is basically a description of a headline, telling them what detailed services are waiting for them. Thanks to that, our main headline remains short, transparent, and it doesn’t contain any words that would unnecessarily prolong the message. Keep in mind that if we want to create an attractive landing page for locksmith services, we should make sure that these two things determine the goal of your page. If not, then there is an error in the way The Main Headline as well as The Supporting Headline were formed.

Later on, when people start browsing through our page and get to know with our locksmith services, page, they will begin to scan it. That is why it is mandatory to make all the subheadlines attractive to see and gripping. However, there is one particular subtitle that can “reinforce” your message and remind visitors why it is a good idea to use your services. It is known as The Reinforcement Statement. It is simply a repetition of what Main Headline tells visitors, but in other words and in more direct way. Noteworthy is also the fact that you can use Reinforcement Statement to give visitors other benefits of using this particular locksmith company.
Last part is The Closing Argument, which basically is the last chance for you to send a message to all visitors and tell them about the benefits. Together with Closing Argument, one should also use a Call-to-Action, which can also involve Price Estimation or other activity-oriented functionalities.

2. Hero Shot

As you can guess from the name, it is basically a shot, a picture of your services that depicts everything (or most of things) you offer. The way the photo is supposed to be taken should present domination and confidence. In case of locksmith services, it may be the representation of professional tools as well as very difficult to fix lock. Bear in mind that Hero Shot should always represent the appropriate context. It basically means that we should find out what the best way to present our product or our service accordingly to the topic really is. This is why we can make a video or screencast that will show others how our locksmith workers look like, how they work and what they do.

3. Benefits

If you decided to create a page with the accordance to all elements we previously discussed, you should at this moment have the attention of every single person that visits your page. This is the time to use bullet points and highlight all the benefits that one can get from your locksmith company. Bear in mind that while listing all the features we offer, we should focus on the struggle everyone is experiencing, and not to a general idea of what you offer.
For example, if you want to provide a benefit of your locksmith services, we should point out how much convenience these services will offer. We simply need to show empathy and understanding towards the potential customers. The main purpose of benefit statements is to show how to solve a problem that visitors may have. That is why at the beginning we should ask ourselves what exact functions visitors would expect from our locksmith services.

4. Proof

It is also known as Testimonial. To put it as easy as possible, it is the set of comments or feedback videos that confirm the services we offer. This is one of the simplest, surely one of the most effective methods to persuade others to our rights. We just use people’s opinions to illustrate others how interesting services we give and how content they were with what they received. It is very simple psychological gimmick, which uses the fact that if we see that someone’s services made one person happy, we will also be happy with the results.
Of course noteworthy is also the fact that besides opinions and comments, people are in love with discussions. Therefore, it is also a good idea to introduce short reviews and other opinion-like essays or at least extended comments. In this way people will be able to rate your services. This is the reason why you should include a lot of testimonials of customers who already used the services. It can be small and very quick job that happened a long time ago or the one that you just finished.

5. Call to Action

In case of services such as locksmith, Call to Action may also include some functionalities, like for example Price Estimation. Thanks to that, besides a “contact” button that represents the action itself, we will also find the element of pricing. However, in most situations CTA is simply one button or a click-through page that will convert visitor into a lead. Of course this conversion is one of the most important statistics that show how many people enter our page and how many of them find locksmith services interesting and worth calling.
In the situation of locksmith, it may as well be a button that says “for more information contact us”. There can also be a button that redirect onto “pricings” or onto “contact”. It all depends on the design of our page.
Once we take care of these five things, we will definitely create a very interesting and attractive landing page for our locksmith services and attract more people to what we offer.

Locksmith services landing page template – how does everything should look like?

At this moment you know theory behind fundamental rules of Conversion-Centered Design of landing page. Now, let us take a closer look at the exemplary locksmith services landing page design, so you know what to expect and what elements are crucial for the appropriate conversion of your website.

If we take a look at one of the locksmith services landing page templates, then we can see that at the very beginning we receive a very simple, yet straightforward Main Headline. These typically short and very easy to understand headlines introduce us to what the page is all about and offers us a glimpse of what to expect. Later on, in the Supporting Headline”, there is an expansion of the Main Headline, where we can notice a bit more information.

Once we grabbed visitor’s attention, we can now move on to a detailed list of services that your company offers. After that, there is a “Hero Shot” that depicts professional gear the company uses and precision with which the company works. Of course later on there are bullet points. Now we can see the Reinforcement Statement with CTA button. In many cases it is a button that redirects us to a contact form. After Reinforcement Statement, we can see further execution of the afore-described layout, which is the introduction of Testimonial. Simple comments will definitely appeal to many users. Last but certainly not least, we receive yet another CTA button that perfectly summarizes the page and once again call users to either contact locksmith services or fill out short form.