Are you trying to advertise an item and it’s not going great? Well, here is a great alternative, a product landing page!

In order to increase sales and popularize a product in the given recipient category, it is necessary to create pages that will allow people to gather essential information. What is more, besides being informative, we also have to ensure the simplicity and user-friendly design in order to provide the best UX we can give.

One of the best options that suit every category of an equipment or an accessory is a product landing page. Learn more about the process of creation and its benefits in order to fully understand why it is so crucial for the development of your future business.

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A little about landing pages in general

Landing page is a very simple and clear website, where we put only the most important elements. We don’t include here specifics or unnecessary information. We simply make the design in such a way that will offer simplicity and user-friendliness, and that will improve UX.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about a product landing page for a specific item or for a larger category, you just need to follow several rules that we mention below in order to enjoy a properly optimized page!

How do we construct the right product landing page?

There are five key factors that distinguish a good landing page from the bad ones. First of all, it is necessary to follow the USP design. It is known as Unique Selling Proposition, which includes four segments, namely the main headline, a supporting headline, a reinforcement statement, and a closing argument. This is the core of every capture lead page.

Another important element is The Hero Shot, also known as a picture or a video that shows the product in action. This is the easiest way to depict our offer. It doesn’t matter if we try to promote slimming pills or an industry machine, if we find the right picture that indicates the quality of the tool, then we will most likely catch the users’ attention, which is of utmost importance.

Next, we should remember about the benefits we offer. Can we give a discount on a product we list? Do we have a longer, more lucrative type of guarantee (like a door to door type)? List all the benefits of the product at our page to show how advantageous our services really are.

Social proof, a fourth part that should be included in every Landing Page, presents the compilation of pictures and comments where the proven customers review the product. If you want to sell a product, then you can’t forget about Call to Action. It can be a phrase or a button that redirects your visitors onto an online store with your product. If not, you can also offer a contact or a form, in which the customers will give you necessary information to gather data and, then, use it for your own advertising or selling purposes.